‘Know Your Plan’ An In-depth Session Review (Peckham)


After our first session of ‘Building Characters’ with the Peckham Umbrella group, I was eagerly anticipating what session 2 would have in store, although I didn’t exactly know what to expect. When we started off, we noticed some new faces in addition to those who had participated in session 1, and it was quite refreshing to see them get involved with our freeze frame ice breaker alongside those who had previously attended straight from the start. Going around the circle getting everybody to introduce themselves again, alongside their 12 month goals, I noticed a lot of them were a bit shy at first, with only a few who had a clear idea of what they wanted to do in the next year.

After we split up into our different groups for the session, the participators began to open up a lot more, expressing dreams which they wanted to turn into plans. My personal highlight was seeing how the freeze frames worked so effectively, and that when they saw their goals being played out, it gave them more motivation to make plans towards it. I got the impression that they hadn’t really had a lot of chances to vocalise their goals, because they seemed quite shy at first, but I could see that they really wanted help in achieving these goals, they all have a lot of potential and I am looking forward to our next session with them