‘Know Your Options’ An In-depth Session Review (Peckham)


To be honest, going into this session was a very different experience: different setting, different team, and different students. Straightaway there’s always the initial worries you get: Will enough young people show up? Will they respond well to the content? Will we actually make a difference for them? My worry initially made me second guess how well we would actually do, this resulted in me only bringing enough materials for 10 young people. I learnt a valuable lesson, as we ended up needing materials for at least 20 students! They loved the session (especially the initial skit/icebreaker which involved presenting them with the choice of getting money by illegal means OR going the legal route) and we really saw standout performances from several students who wanted to learn and get better.


Our ‘Building Characters’ programme was introduced to a youth group in Peckham on the 24th of June. The team engaged with over 20 young people between the ages of 13-18, with the first session of our workshop showing them options that they have available to them, and learning more about those options. For a lot of them, this was their first time being in a setting of this nature, and it was fascinating to see the ideas and aspirations a lot of these young ladies and men have for their future.

Our initial ice breaker had them very much engaged with the session, and it helped a lot of them to open up from the beginning; after introducing the main purpose of the session, we were able to allow them to express their ideas through drama once divided into groups of 3.

Watching them put their ideas into practise, we have noticed a lot of talent and potential in these young people, and we have noticed that they have a genuine interest in what this programme can offer them. It was refreshing to see the contrast from the beginning of the session to the end, the feedback was extremely positive from every person that was involved, and after the initial session with this particular youth group, we have a better understanding of them as individuals, and we look forward to the next session, where we begin to help them make the next step in developing their ideas and options into viable choices. Things to work on for this group would definitely be behaviour managements, as many of them talk over and don’t respect each other. The group also gets distracted quite easily. The team agree that as we progress with the program, this will definitely change, as we saw some real leaders in the group engage, which bodes well for the rest of the group.