Enfield Engage

Bridge The Gap are working with Turning Point in Enfield, running several programs with young people at their provisions. These programs are based around one on one anger management, tutoring and gang intervention. Our mentoring work in this program has a specific focus on students’ goals and positive ways to reach them. Targets are set accordingly. Depending on age, discussion and pursuance of apprenticeship/job opportunities will also be a focus. Before this point is reached, however, there is a keen understanding that a young person must be well prepared mentally and emotionally to access and thrive within these opportunities. With this in mind, our formative sessions will focus on mindsets, positive engagement, and self-management (conflict resolution, anger management, confidence work, friendship groups etc.).

Alongside this we have been running our Arts award in music creation and study, for GCSE grade level equivalent qualifications. These sessions were run at BonaFide studios in Alexandra Palace. The skills learned and pieces of work created are then put into practice when their work is showcased to their parents, peers and teachers, based on CHOICES and decisions that they plan to make for their futures.


Arts Award – Qualifications GCSE level accredited work                           Progression in English and maths

Confidence work Self Worth building                                             Trained mentors and positive role models

Conflict resolution/Anger Management focus                                                             Special guest speakers

Tailor made program, specifically adapted for the students involved                 Personal hygiene / Self Care

Apprenticeship opportunities and training for the world of work                              Positive relationship work

Introduction to specialist studio work                                        Opportunity for honing of different arts talents

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