About Us

Who Are We?

Bridge The Gap Studios are a Social Enterprise that works with young people all over London who are facing challenging life situations.

They encourage and facilitate behavioural improvements in these young people to help them make solid connections between them and their success (at home, in education and in their future aspirations).

A growing challenge in behavioural management is said to stem from the fact that many young people don’t know how to correctly express how they feel and engage with the future they want. This is especially apparent in young men. In addition to this, more and more young people process knowledge and information through practical application rather than just through theory. Knowing this, BTG Studios uses the performing arts to combine a healthy balance of both. This is done by using Forum Theater, musical elements and specialised coaching to help young people to express, explore and resolve issues.

Our programs also introduce music as a medium of expression and identifying life values. Alongside this we run AN ACREDITED BRONZE ARTS AWARD for our young people, in music creation and study.

We have also joined forces with SFSC (Strengthening families, strengthening communities), to run an inclusive parent program. This supports parents in developing strong relationships and positive life skills that can enhance and greatly improve theirs and their child’s educational experience and future.

What makes THIS Youth Intervention work?


Implementation quality

Work around school


Caring, knowledgeable adults/Staff/Consultants with over 15 years’ experience in working with young people


High standards and expectations that we challenge students to adhere to


Importance of community

Deep rooted community links/work with studios


Holistic approach – Work with students, community, school and parents (We develop and encourage Parent/guardian involvement)


Long-term services/support and follow-up till year 11


A tried and tested program, used to facilitate change for youth around London

Tsion Martins 

Tsion has worked with several community groups in London which used drama and music therapy to work with Young Offenders. In 2012, whilst studying for his BSc (Hons) in criminal and legal studies,

Tsion began to work with PIPs (Parents in Partnership), a youth organisation dedicated to helping families with young people at risk. Tsion made the move to Arrival Education in September 2014, to focus more on the direct mentoring of young people. He worked as a Talent Development Manager at Arrival Education and ran programmes such as Success for Life and created his own Business Launchpad workshop with the company, all of which have allowed him to put his history in mentoring and success coaching to good use. Wanting to do more for the youth he worked with in terms of inspiring successful mindsets,

Tsion partnered with several other like minded individuals, to expand a program with the main aim of allowing young people to visualise, and interact with their goals, while at the same time learning to express themselves through the use of different therapy techniques. Tsion is dedicated to making BTG a leading name, known for exceptional and life changing programs.

Jonathan Ogundeji

Jonathan has always had a passion to help and support local youth in developing skills and encouraging expression, and has a wealth of experience in an eclectic range of areas.

Whilst working as a Mentor to kids with reading difficulties as a part of a school programme, and as a Tutor in Maths to kids from years 7-9, in 2008 Jonathan also completed a Level 1 Certificate in British Sign Language (BSL) and completed a coaching qualification in Basketball. These skills have helped him become an instrumental figure in different schemes and programmes in churches, youth clubs and schools.

Always active in drama/local theatre, Jonathan went on to lead and direct a local youth theatre production group in 2013 and has continued to help nurture talent, as well as develop leadership skills.

With experience as a Pan-London Case Worker at Victim Support, and as a member of the Islington Intergrated Gang Unit, Jonathan is an experienced practitioner with a demonstrated history of working with children with challenging behaviour, children and young people who have been victims of crime and also those who have been exposed to criminal activity and serious youth violence. within the criminal justice industry and more.

Bringing together his ability to lead, guide and direct young people in practical skills, alongside his passion for expressive arts, Jonathan helped form Bridge The Gap Studios with the aim to help the next generation find their identity through a creative outlet, and open their minds to allow themselves to learn in in a more effective way.

Dennis Charlery

Having not done well in his GCSEs Dennis felt as though he didn’t have much support or direction in making something of himself. However, Dennis was determined not to let a setback keep him down, and went on to college and eventually completed an apprenticeship in 2013 obtaining a level 2 qualification in plumbing & heating and level 3 qualification in gas installation.

Always somebody who has found fulfilment in assisting, helping and supporting youth Dennis helped lead a youth club in a local church in 2010 organising events, day trips and lessons to help encourage the youth to express themselves in different avenues. Having a creative mind and a love for acting Dennis then went on to help assist in leading a youth drama group, helping to create, organise and perform in different shows in the local communities.

Bringing together his own personal experience of setbacks, alongside seeing the positive effect of supporting and assisting youth, Dennis teamed up with to form Bridge The Gap Studios to support and enable young people to overcome any barriers at school, home or within themselves that stands between them and their success.

We allow students an opportunity to envision and act upon their own change. Our programs open up a space for young people to express how they feel and relate to life issues, including their home life, their focus in school, their attitudes, relationships and their futures. Our trained team uses the award-winning ideas of “Forum Theatre” to help students set the scene of where they are and where they want to be. By putting them in real life situations (working with counsellors, drama therapists, community entrepreneurs, teachers and parents) we empower them to envision positive futures, and also deal with negative mind-sets/behaviours that are holding them back from achieving these goals.

– Tsion Martins [Director]

Bridge The Gap Studios